Release `aeternity v6.2.0`

We are aiming at delivering regular node releases. What is more, we are putting some effort in better planning of our release cycle. In this light, we announce our plans for Aeternity v6.2.0. We aim at producing the release at week 31 (2-8 August). It will focus mainly on transaction pool improvements:

  • More finely grained garbage collection of transactions in the pool by their reason of not being included. GH issue
  • Introduce a new HTTP endpoint: /accounts/{pubkey}/next-nonce with two different strategies. GH issue
  • Introduce a new debug API: if your transaction seems to be stuck in the mempool, the endpoint will answer you why it is not being included. This does not take into account gas prices. GH link
  • Adds new a group of HTTP endpoints: node-operator. It is to hold endpoints that are meant to provide functionality for thinkering of the node and diving into its internals. Those should be only internal and the group is disabled by default. The new group will be present only in the new OAS3 API and will not be present in the old swagger2 API.
  • Add a new HTTP endpoint: DELETE /node/operator/mempool/hash/{hash}. It deletes a transaction currently present in the mempool. It is a part of the internal node-operator API.
  • Some stability improvements and small bug fixes.