Removal of v1 endpoints

Hello there! The middleware has gone through lots improvements last year, which are available with the version 2 endpoints (under /v2).

A major one was to provide better responsiveness by designing and implementing all V2 endpoints with pagination.In order to leverage its benefits and focus on the new APIs, we plan to remove the V1 endpoints, which is already deprecated since June 2022.

This is planned to happen on MAY 1st. The json structure of the responses is mostly the same with the main difference having the additional fields next and prev along with the data, to allow navigating to the next and previous page in a stateless way.For more info about the new APIs, including NFT and account activities ones, please check the README and swagger spec. Hæppy coding!


does the swagger spec allow to discover the complete v2 API or is there anything missing?

It allows and the list of endpoints can be found on the updated README.

but that’s what I mean. so when using swagger spec with some tooling I wouldn’t have to look up via README at all to find everything I need. correct?

It’s an important question, thanks. That’s correct, there were two missing parameters we’ve caught today but were updated on the swagger spec.