Restablish already OPEN channel

I’m facing a recurrent situation which is fairly common I think for mobile applications: if you navigate out of the application, you lose the Channel object reference and subsequently reestablishing channel (with last state and channel Id) wont work if channel was already in OPEN state.

Example situation:

a. Open Channel (or restablish if we already issued LEAVE)
b. Trigger Deposit
c. User Signs, and goes to do something else in mobile

When he returns any new OPEN channel operation to reestablish the channel will fail since it’s already in that state. The application does not know this in advance.

I’m correct about this?

Keep in mind that monitoring for navigation events/unmounting is not reliable at all, so we cannot trigger a proper LEAVE or DISCONNECT at that point. (See onUnload event in Mozilla dev ref)


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I have posted the proper issue entry: Cannot reestablish an already open state-channel · Issue #767 · aeternity/aepp-sdk-js · GitHub