Running aeternal

Trying to run using the docker-compose.yml in examples/ but I can’t seem to query the middleware after it’s up, it’s still syncing in case that’s the reason but I don’t think so…

$ curl localhost:3020/middleware/status

curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer

Is there anything I’m missing?

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                            COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                 PORTS                                          NAMES
bd537d23d693        aeternity/aeternal:develop       "/bin/…"   2 hours ago         Up 2 hours   >3020/tcp,>80/tcp   examples_aeternal_1
17962ecc9687        aeternity/aesophia_http:v4.1.0   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   2 hours ago         Up 2 hours (healthy)   3080/tcp                                       examples_compiler_1
001bfcae9ff2        aeternity/aeternity:v5.2.0       "bin/aeternity conso…"   2 hours ago         Up 2 hours (healthy)   3013-3015/tcp, 3113/tcp                        examples_node_1

Hey @justin I think you should try $ curl localhost:3013/v2/status for the node

Or curl

Hey @justin

Please be aware that the aeternal project is to be replaced by an Elixir rewrite of the project. It is not fully operational yet but it will provide all the functionality of aeternal and much more.

The repo is here:

And the great people behind it are @karol.chain and @danielaivanova.chain. You can ask them any questions, if you have any questions - they will help you out.


Thank you for the response Dimitar!

I’m trying to follow the instructions and now I’m getting an error when running make shell:

Protocol 'inet_tcp': the name [email protected] seems to be in use by another Erlang node

Makefile:20: recipe for target 'shell' failed

make: *** [shell] Error 1

I have no experience with Elixir unfortunately so I’m not sure how to debug.

Hey @justin about the node itself, have you been able to query it with what I sent you?

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Yes the normal queries work now as I’m no longer using docker. I didn’t see any docker possibility on the Elixir version of the middleware unfortunately.

It looks like you have another node running on your machine. Still - @karol.chain will help you

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Hi @justin, make sure no other Aeternity node is running before starting middleware…

(Also, AeMdw is still work in progress, so before it’s all sealed down, you may need to resync MDW database couple times.)


Looks like when I start the node normally it spawns two processes, not sure why. Seems more like an issue with running the node itself at this point:

/home/justin/erts- -daemon /tmp/erl_pipes/[email protected]/ /home/justin/log exec "/home/justin/bin/aeternity" "console" '' --relx-disable-hooks


/home/justin/bin/aeternity -K true -SP 25 -- -root /home/justin -progname home/justin/bin/aeternity -- -home /home/justin -- -boot /home/justin/releases/5.5.4/start -mode embedded -boot_var ERTS_LIB_DIR /home/justin/lib -config /home/justin/releases/5.5.4/sys.config -sname [email protected] -setcookie aeternity_cookie -pa patches/ebin -- console --relx-disable-hooks

@ae-omar Do you know who to ping for the above issue with the node?

@justin, what would be the error?

I’m unsure why that when I start the node that it’s spawning two processes with [email protected], which I believe is why the middleware is unable to start running

@karol.chain or @dimitar.chain any thought on this?

Can you build the node locally?

And then start it from aeternity dir with:

./_build/local/rel/aeternity/bin/aeternity console

Also, please note that it takes forever to sync aeternal (more than 1 month), and it’s going to be deprecated.

If you want to build something, best way is to get accustomed to new middleware:

It’s not much tested yet (todo) and doesn’t have name support yet (2-3 weeks), but it runs here if you want to try:

Running Aeternal is pretty much not recommended at this point, and more or less unsupported.


What’s the difference between bin/aeternity console and bin/aeternity start?

bin/aeternity console starts node with Erlang shell and bin/aeternity start starts a deamon running in the background


Hey @justin, how’s this working out?

It’s still syncing, it’s taking a while but I think I might run out of space soon unfortunately. I’ll continue to wait and see how it goes. Also not sure how much space the middleware will take up too…

Thanks @justin for the update. Anyway, node it’s up and synced and just middleware is left?