Running: Reddit Meme Competition!


Hey everyone,

Æternity has launched a Meme Competition in Reddit!

Create a funny and interesting meme and you may be rewarded! If you refer to an AE feature such as state channels, oracles or Bitcoin-NG, there even may be a bonus :blush:

Check the details here, the deadline is October 5th, 2018!

Best regards,




We have some good memes already bu there are still 5 days to go! I want to see more ! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Brace yourselves, the Reddit Meme Competiton Winner is here!

We received more than 50 memes and enjoyed every single one of them!
However, the piece created by Reddit user Aeternion below received the most votes from the team:


Read the dedicated blog post for more details.

We are grateful for your patience and are working hard to make the æternity Mainnet a reality.

Best regards,