Scam Alert 🕵 Job Offers at æternity

Hello everyone,

Please be aware of a new scam going on:

Several users have received emails by a recruiter by the name of Andrew L’Abbate offering remote customer service position at æternity.

Bear in mind that the only legitimate source of information concerning job offers at æternity are the AE official communication channels. The official mail address of the HR department is [email protected].

Real job offers at æternity are usually announced here:

Don’t reveal any personal information and always consult with us here.



Here is another one. My wife applied for it on LinkedIn. The job was taken down, but they are using fake Telegram Accounts pretending to be Olga Polishchuk and Robert Zaremba. They are using the domain


Thank you for reporting this @Trevor, this is a scam.

They are using names of actual people within the AE community which is disturbing.

Please always check with us here before contacting them or revealing any personal information. The legitimate HR department’s e-mail is: [email protected].