[SCAM] Need help with one of the aeternity bot on telegram


I just found aeternity bot on telegram, registered and add my country and eth address. Later i found the address i provided doesn’t accept erc 20 token. So now i was looking at the way i could change the eth address to a new one and i saw there was no command provided and i was stucked. So i was wondering if someone else want to change their eth address and they are also cant do it like me. Where can i find the developer of the bot and tell about the problem.



æternity don’t have airdrop/bounty bots, if you find one on telegram is scam. The only bot that æternity has active (created by a community member) is @AeternityTipBot

Please be careful and never give out your private key to anyone.


You really sure about this cause the bot have referral link and everything even news channel about aeternity on telegram. I can give u the bot address and can u check for me if its really scam or not ? Cause if its scam i gonna report it to telegram and have it removed.


There is NO airdrop or telegram airdrop bot, it’s scam.


Oh ok thanks for letting me know