SDKs configuration management

One of the main focus that we put in the development of the SDKs is to keep them as stable as possible, so that the applications that rely on the SDKs do not have to worry too much about the changes that are happening in the underlying technology. This is not an easy task, there are many aspects to take in account, from maintaining a manageable size of the SDKs to supporting a balanced version ranges for the underlying services that the SDKs provide access to.

With the Fortuna series the sophia compiler is not bundled anymore with the node and already since the Minerva series there is available a standalone compiler that is also available via http interface (an instance is available for testing at Currently the compiler support for the SDKs is built using the v2.1.0 of the compiler, but since then there have been 2 releases (the latest one being the v3.1.0) that have some breaking changes that we have to address.

On the node side we are currently supporting the node version from >=2.3.0 to <4.0.0 (for Py and Js), this is to make the transition between major releases and the HF ( v3 of the consensus protocol happened on 05/06/2019 at height 90800) as transparent as possible.

Now that the HF has been successful we plan to deliver a major release of the Py, Js and Go SDKs that will restrict the support for the node version >= v3.0.1 and <4.0.0 and on the same time drop the support for compiler version < 3.1.0 .

At the same time we will update the hosted compiler ( to version 3.1.0 and subsequently also the contracts app will be updated.

The proposed date for the releases is Thursday 13/06/2019 for Py and Js, while for Go we may try to push it before since the current mainnet node version is not yet supported.

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On top of the updates for the compiler and the SDKs, we will update the node at to the node v3.1.0

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As announced (and being no objections) we have followed the above plan and released the SDKs for Py v4.0.0 and for JS v4.0.0.

Contextually also the hosted compiler has been upgraded to v3.1.0 and the node at to v3.1.0.

The tools, like the contracts aepp, will follow shortly.