Selling Public Blockchain Services to Enterprise

Is there anyone here who has been selling AEternity Blockchain Services to Enterprise Customers?

I am currently working with multiple enterprise customers and want to get them interested in using Public Blockchains. I would like to bounce and share ideas with anyone who has been working in this space in the past.

I would like to have a conversation around the following questions.

  1. How do you get a customer interested in a public blockchain
  2. In your experience what makes a CTO interested in using a Public Blockchain
  3. Have you participated in any RFP/Tender in the past and sold Public Blockchain services.
  4. Do you have any comparative pricing data between standard apps and blockchain based apps.

Please connect, i would very much like your inputs.




Hello @hypermine

In fact, this is exactly the mission of æternity Consulting - find more info and contacts on the website below:


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