Send to name in Base Wallet


i’ve registered a name and tried to send tokens to it but the wallet displays “invalid name” when i type in a name instead of an address.

What could be the reason for this?



I was going to test this today @stoyan_ae :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the same issue.

@emin @gorbak25 Can you send me the name that Base app displays as invalid in pm? It would be helpful in investigation this issue

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In names that @gorbak25 registered pointers weren’t set. Pointers can’t be changed in the current version, but in the next one we are planning to drop the last step of name registration, it should make name registration process more stable.

In currently released version user have to sign 3 transactions to register a name:

  • name preclaim
  • name claim
  • updating of name pointers (to make it point to your address)

Name claim transaction takes a lot of time (it require 1 block to be mined) after it mines, Base app shows the last sign request. It won’t show that request if some problem appears on previous steps or Base app was restarted.