Setting up a node for beginners

There was no category for setting up nodes and this category was the closest I could see.
As a beginner–with no background in setting up nodes (except I guess using Mist a few years ago), I am listing questions here that I’m sure many people would ask anyway regarding setting up their own node. Answers to these questions would also hopefully result in a more user-friendly tutorial for the public.

1. What do I need to get started?

a. Hardware
In terms of hardware, I have found that running it on my laptop is not a good option as it heats up my laptop and would also require that I keep it on 24/7 (plus turn off the sleep feature). What are the basic requirements for a desktop to handle this effectively?

b. Server
Are there any specifics on what this server should be? Any links to server rentals that we can add to help make this even easier?

c. Installation
I was given this link which I followed
(which should be added to the new website, a guide for setting up a node later @ivaylobadinov.chain please note)

But got stuck when I came across a problem with ulimit which I guess will soon be sorted out (see below).

There has to be a way to make the whole process easier. I personally am not used to meddling with scripts on terminal, and I assume most non-devs are the same.

I think this would entail a new project to make it user-friendly, with an GUI created for non-devs–scripts have a tendency to scare non-techie people.
If this is not doable at the moment, then of course I can proceed with a tutorial anyways.

d. Other necessities
Internet bandwidth - I have 270Mbps here. But if I rent a server, that means my bandwidth has nothing to do with it anymore or?

Anything else I need?

2. What’s in it for people?

Why would regular people like me run a node? If not for any altruistic reasons, why would anyone (who is not running a business on aeternity) run a node?

Thank you for your answers in advance. :vulcan_salute:t3:


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