Share Your Thoughts on the Roma Release!


Hello everyone!

We see that the community’s attention is now focused on mining. If however you have any other comments on the Roma Release or just want to congratulate the team for the successful launch, please do it below.

Thank you!

The AE team



Smooth move ae!
When will the coin be transferable?


Major Achievement. Hope the market will also “congratulate” you by starting to use the Aeternity code!!


I intend to set up a miner if I actually have a stake. Have to find out if I can get my tokens back first.


I have run successfully several testnet nodes, I think from 0.12.0. Not big problems. Even though I happen to install my first Linux OS ever in life (Ubuntu 18) and I had not really big issues in order to run the node. I even mined a few blocks on the testnet using only CPU. If I could do this that means you are doing a good job on the software and documentation.

I am a first hour ICO investor, I’ve been following the project most of the time, congratulations to all Æ team.

The only thing I can think of about now is I would like someone to develop an OpenCL miner for this Cuckoo Cycle protocol. I would like to point my whole farm to this project. Unfortunately, all of my GPU are AMD. Of course I am telling this because I cannot mine Æ but in addition because this would help the network to be more decentralized as more GPU would be supporting it.

I know there hasn’t been even 48h since the mainnet launch but, well, this is something it could be developed before and I am anxious to mine and the sooner the better is the profit.

Consider making really good tutorials about oracles, about state channels, about Sophia language, about the naming system, mention why they are so useful and how to use it on the Æternity network. Make several examples on where and when to use them, even if the examples implies repeating some content.

Dedicate time training the embassors with full information, I was considering some time ago to be one of them but I have to understand these things very well in order for me to organize an event in my city.

I know there has to be a lot more things to develop, but if they are ready to use now that the mainet has been launched, it’s finally time to think about a massive marketing educating people.

I hope all the things run well. Don’t abandon the project thinking it is almost “done”, in fact, the baby has just been born, there’s A LOT of work to do still.

Thank you and congratulations again.



I was exploring the network a little bit:

Key block 817 looks very interesting. In this key block there are 3 micro blocks and 2 of these micro blocks are separated in time for only 4 seconds, both of them having transactions (1 and 12 txs). I know technically this does not have to mean anything but I am anxious to see the network being full “stress-tested” to see how these micro blocks behave in online txs. I mean, beside the state channels txs.

Good job.



Congratulations to the team !

Greetings, @cr_mn


Thank and congratulations. Good luck friends!


Thank you so much @reinaldo83, we would love to have you as æmbassador -
we just launched a Meetup Bounty, check it out.



Hope there will be many new use cases on Roma than other blockchains.


Thank you very much @xiahui135,
We count on all of you to help us build the blockchain we all want and need :slight_smile:
And create the æpps we haven’t even dreamed of before!



Terrible timing for release but one good news is that crypto market should move upward. Keep going aeternity I have high hopes on you!
Crongrats to AE team!


Hey! The aepps team is working on the Base aepp, porting it to the Roma release. Should happen in December. BTW, we watched your video and liked it :smiley:


Yes! One of our devs should me how state channels function and I have to tell you guys, this is really amazing. We plan to show case this tech, which is sci-fi for most of the current project in the space, with some demo videos. We are now planning how to do this, so expect it soon!

And yes, there is A LOT to do still, especially in terms of showcasing aeternity’s technology and making it easy for devs and users to use it. I think once we really manage to show the world what aeternity is really capable of, today, A LOT of people will be impressed. I am not sure if you realize this guys, but we have BRILLIANT devs. They amaze me on a daily basis.

Expect more news soon!



Thank you!! really appreciated!


Thanks for taking the time to congratulate us! :slight_smile: Actually the whole community should be congratulated! This is a big forward for the aeternity movement! Appreciated!


So far the network is behaving as expected. BitcoinNG is functioning properly. I am also looking forward to seeing it real action. It should happen as soon as the Base app is ported, Ledger implementation is here and we have some exchanges supporting AE.



I am confident you will, but there will be a waiting period.


I am quite confident it will. aeternity features some really amazing tech, on the background of an improved version of the Nakamoto Consensus (BitcoinNG). Decentralization and efficiency are really where aeternity excels. We will showcase the tech soon :slight_smile: