[SHORT SURVEY] We want to know you better!

The AE team is keen to learn what areas are æternity community members interested in and what professional backgrounds they share. We would also like to create pools of interest-specific experts. In the future, we may ask the experts in these pools to provide feedback on upcoming features, campaigns or content.

With these two goals in mind, we sent out a short (10 questions) survey that shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to fill-in . You may also remain anonymous if you prefer so.

We will really appreciate it, if you spend a few moments of your valuable time to help us get to know you better.

Don’t forget to enter an AE token account at the end of the survey! (follow this link on your mobile device, if you don’t have one).

Thank you for your help, we value it highly!

Here is the super short (but beautiful!) survey:

Thank you!
Vlad and the AE Team


For which purpose should we enter the AE-token account?
I’m always a little careful handing out my main token accounts whatever crypto it is :slight_smile:
So I entered a new and empty AE-account.

You are right to be cautious on the internet, since nobody knows where this information goes and howit will be used. But I think these 10 questions are harmless and no danger in filling this survey.

You are right, the questions of the survey are O.K. and our answers may be helpful for the team.
I filed those in.
My question just was for which purpose an AE-account was requested?
To verify that someone AE-related is answering the questions?
To reward those who filed in their answers and suggestions?
To weight the answers according to the amount of token stored in the account?
Or else?
I’m just curious what the intention is.

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That was my original idea. But you are giving me others :smiley: haha

I took the short survey still getting notification to take the survey.

Or is this survey different maybe so i can take it too.

Where did you receive a notification?

Vlad, did you distribute some AE to those who did the survey?
I just noticed that no AE arrived to the account I filed in.

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Not yet :slight_smile: I am looking for a way to send to many addresses. Has not been my top priority so far. Will have a look this week.

Fine. So it wasn’t my fault by making a mistake when filing the survey or something like that.

Let us know when you managed to arrange the mass transfer. Thank you!

Couldn’t bother if it harmless or not…my token my life…:star_struck::sweat_smile:

Yeah, me too 'cuz i haven’t received mine too

Tokens received, thank you Vlado