Should æternity become a Libra node?

After reading this well-written piece on Facebook’s Libra:

I started wondering - which will be the first blockchain project that will become part of Libra’s 100 members (nodes) and would that be a good idea?

It is a fact that Libra goes against the ideals of trustlessness and decentralization (the second point could be debated though), but if Libra does succeed, there will be a lot of money to be made by those inside the Libra club.

So here is a crazy question, just for the sake of discussion:

Should æternity become a Libra node?

  • Yes, æternity should become a Libra node.
  • No, that’s not a good idea.

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Let’s see what you guys think.

PS: I don’t think this is actually possible, since becoming a Member of the Libra Association comes with a number of requirements that you can see here.

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where is yani, can he talk?

I talk to him daily :slight_smile:

I think the question is whether AE can do something unique to itself and apply it to business. It will be time for Libra to become the node of ae.

Don’t you know the update plan of ae’s official website is coming out?

Libra is a very particular initiative, and could become in a very complicated and dark one. Anyway, one strong point is, this libra thing will bring 2 Billions people in close Contact with blockchain, crypto in one way or another, that number is several times larger than actual crypto users today. Maybe Aeternity doesnt need to become a node, aeternity must use this push to non users to growth its community.


Becoming a node is nothing technical here and that should be pointed out. Its rather joining a club. IMHO aeternity should focus on its tech and continue to build a strong, free, decentralized, open source alternative to blockchains that ship with a single point of failure.


I think it is impossible for the United States to recognize Libra. If Libra succeeds in accelerating the flow of funds, the dollar will lose its dominance, which is not a benefit to the United States. I think Zach is right. It is wrong to establish mutual trust at the national level. However, we can show AE to more people through the participating nodes.

Why is he always unable to talk about the recent progress of AE and the recent situation of each project?