Smart Oracle - small JS console aplication

Hello everyone,
as a part of Aeternity Hackathon in Sofia, I decided to use JS SDK and to implement the same Smart Oracle that we already implemented in Elixir.

Smart Oracle JS is a console application, made to automate the oracle job. The user will be able to load any account(which, in case if it’s not an oracle yet, will be registered as so) or even existing oracle in it. The following step is, that our oracle will cycle requests to a node and will list all queries made to it, process them(for instance, we decided to implement the communication to Binance API, getting price ratio for given cryptocurrencies) and if the query is in right format(for instance, “BTCLTC” ), the oracle will try to get the information from the provider and if it succeeds, will respond to the query.

My learnings:
It was challenging for me to re-implement it in JS , as I don’t have that much experience with JS. I have learned much about JS and Aeternity JS SDK.


for what reason did you develop this in JS if you are not skilled?

this software should be redone in a professional way because it is important.

@widerstand Happy New Year!
Thank you for your reply!

The reason of developing this example is just to show the capabilities of using oracles in the Aeternity JS SDK , the code was written in less than a day and of course never was called professional and also one of the rules was that all the developers of SDK’s MUST use other SDK’s to test and maybe come up with some new ideas or examples on how and where the SDK’s could be used.


happy new year! thanks for your explanation.

Yes, and you did a very good job here and your feedback helps the other SDK teams a lot.