Social, B2B & B2C aepp

I was wondering if there are social media & B2B/B2C Apps running on aeternity?

There are communities in Africa that is facing a lot of socioeconomic difficulties in that could benefit from social media platform that would serve as identity management system (SSI) for each of this communities & market place App to create a new inclusive economic block for each community.
I lack the technical knowhow.
But I know how to get everybody onboard if such a thing is available.
I want something that could help promote digital governance in Africa.
Any idea, words or help would be truly appreciated thanks.

Nigeria as you know it (a country of over 200 million) is going to pieces that is what a lot of people do not understand.
Every individual communities wants to be separate.
Without using technology to make those separation they will use machetes and guns to separate(it is currently going on as we speak). It is inevitable.
I chose to use technology.
A TLD with .bia or .igbo could enable one of the main communities at the forefront of separation to begin to build their future focusing on internet. I know the rest would follow suit.
Combined with social media and marketplace app you will create a different kind of noise altogether.
I really need opinions and ideas on way forward
Best regards!

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a social media type of platform is in the pipeline and will be released very, very soon. :slight_smile: marketplaces can be easily added to it afterwards. to understand better what type of marketplace application you are suggesting, please share some similar type of things and/or some mockups. thank you for your input!


Is it built on the AE blockchain?

Appreciate you taking interest @yani.chain can’t wait to review the social media platform.
The kind of market place app I am looking is something simple not so complicated, wie could copy exiting application like Rabbi that combines logistics with B2C transaction and also B2B platform for international transactions.

This is so cool. When exactly ?

Watch out people we are gonna build new heaven in Africa soon. Please tell me how soon the social media can be ready. I can’t wait to tell my brothers that I’ve found the way.

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Hello I was the one asking about social media running on blockchain, am glad you’ve solved the problem.

My other question I need to ask a different question now: is there any possibility of creating the same platform for a different community. Like a fork or clone of the platform? I want something that would bear a different name that would relate to the targeted community with it’s own token all running on Aethernity.
Is such thing possible or do it sound too ambitious.

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Sure, that’s doable. What community were you thinking of?