[Solved] AE Coins Disappearing from Base App Wallet



So earlier today when I checked my balance in my base app wallet my mined AE coins were there. Tonight I checked again since I will be getting a payout soon from F2Pool and instead of my AE being therey balance was 0. I havent made single transfer at all the whole time I have had this wallet and have been mining, so I have zero ideas as to why this would happen. Delay in resyncing maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated as now I am worried about the next payout, which is much bigger, disappearing as well.


I think the app uses the Blockchain æxplorer to show the token balance. Since it has problems at the moment I think that is the reason why your balance is wrong!?


Ooooh I didnt realize there was a problem with it. If that is the case then it would make sense that it would be wrong, or in my case zero lol Anyone mention an ETA on it being fixed?


It will take some time due to the holidays. However, you can use a different explorer, for example aeknow, to double-check your balance for now.


ok cool, appreciate the help. Gives me a chance to concentrate on other AE related stuff in the meantime then lol