[Solved] Aehttp_api_encoder:safe_decode 提示 undefined function

去年的全节点账号了,一直忘记把余额转出来,最近按照论坛的老攻略重新转了一次,卡在这一步了:(epoch@localhost)8> {ok, RecepientPubKey} = aehttp_api_encoder:safe_decode(account_pubkey, RecepientAddress),老是提示:** exception error: undefined function aehttp_api_encoder:safe_decode/2,整了一天了,求助各位大神。另外我全节点还差一天才能同步完,不清楚是不是这个原因。

@Markaeternity.chain will help you here.

thank you:grinning:

No idea what your are asking about… But for your information, the module aehttp_api_encoder was renamed to aeser_api_encoder about a year ago?

Got it, thank you guys, “aehttp_api_encoder” needed to be replaced by “aeser_api_encoder”

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