[Solved] AENS naming system



I’m currently doing research of Aeternity blockchain and one thing I cannot quite understand. While going trough AE whitepaper and later github, I came across this:

“A more recent effort is ENS, the Ethereum Name Service, which enables users to claim names via a set of smart contracts. ENS is currently running a two year trial deployment, during which users can claim name with a .eth postfix, e.g. mywallet.eth . ENS currently allows users to associate a single 32 byte array of data with a node, typically used for a hash.”

I couldn’t find any examples that would be understandable to ordinary non-technical users, and I must admit that I haven’t also understood the complete meaning of it.

If I’m correct, AE uses a naming system that is more user-friendly than ordinary hash-based addresses. If that’s the case, then address should have a name included in it instead of ordinary hash? Something like John_Doe555001 instead od 0xnf83h5nfjfi4oaknejeifdh4i8bs?

Can you provide me with a practical example of user-friendly address?


AENS can be pointed to accounts, contracts, oracels… for example:

https://www.aeknow.org/liu.test would lead you to a wallet address page.

AENS protocol: