(SOLVED) "Cannot start AE Node!" - aeproject compile fail

Hello guys! So I’m playing around with aeproject and I want to compile the most basic contract.

I’m following https://aeproject.gitbook.io/aeproject/ , I created a project with

aeproject init

I now want to compile it, but when I try

aeproject node

It waits a few minutes and fails with “Cannot start AE Node!” and that’s it. No more info.

ps: Docker is started with sudo dockerd

Help would be much appreciated ! :pensive:

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do you have docker-compose installed? if yes -> which version are you using?

it must be at least version 1.2. if it is lower you need to update docker-compose.

see: https://aeproject.gitbook.io/aeproject/developer-documentation/getting-started#requirements

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aeproject node start

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The docker-compose I had installed via APT apparently was 1.17

I must have skipped that part in the docs, because it started with “for windows…”

Thank you so much! :smile:

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