[Solved] Error: You don't have selected account


I’m trying to deploy a contract in testnet, but I get this message:
“Error: You don’t have selected account”

In this repo is the code: https://github.com/soluciones2000/tutorial-aet/blob/master/index.js

I’m using an account with balance

Hello @sgcvzla.chain

@philipp.chain or @hanssv.chain can help you here.

I know nothing about JavaScript or SDKs so I am of little help I am afraid.

Sorry @hanssv.chain
@nduchak.chain Can you help?

Hey @sgcvzla.chain,
your link is broken, but based on error message the problem is in SDK initialization(looks like you do not provide any account to the sdk). Please check this guide: Contract ACI usage


thanks @nduchak.chain, I also believe that the problem is in the initialization of the variables, because there are values ​​that I don’t know how to obtain, for example, the secret key of the account, URL compiler and the internal url

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