[Solved] [Forum] Waellet contract call fail

Hi there. I keep getting the error “Account not connected. Establish connection first” when trying to do a contract call via window.Aepp.request.contractCall method. Happens both on chrome and firefox, newest extension installed. Please help :slight_smile:

Probably @milenradkov.chain would need some more info for your setup.

No prob, just tell me what you need?
I use windows with both Chrome and Firefox, same error. installed the newest version of Waellet, created an account, logged in into the account. Using testnet.

I tried directly in the developer console, calling window.Aepp.request.contractCall() and got the same error, here is the full error message:

error: Object { code: 1, data: {…}, message: "Account not connected. Establish connection first" }
id: "c59b4a64-0847-4b3e-ba1d-bad0414c2fad"
jsonrpc: "2.0"
method: "aeppMessage"
resolve: true

Parameters to the contractCall function are (CONTRACT_SOURCE, CONTRACT_ADDRESS, ENTRYPOINT_NAME , args = [‘ak_Sq4TqxBH5KG6UqgUfgAe2UeCJsgYCCjgsFEjLQwysnbVJrHtb’, ‘12’])

This happened with several different deployed contracts (they are tested and working)

Probably worth mentioning. I also tried calling the window.Aepp.request.signMessage function and I was getting the same error.

Please check the documentation here: https://github.com/waellet/waellet/wiki/Aepp

And also there is an example boilerplate aepp https://github.com/waellet/waellet-aepp-boilerplate


Ok, this helps. So I basically need to start with the connect method and then use the object further.

Here is the example code just to have it visible here as well

.then(result => console.log(result))