[SOLVED] Help: The same wallet address was lost when the second token was migrated

This is my eth address: 0x8dA356efDdb313575e505F8fEF0f0422AD902209
This is my AE address :ak_8ZEiMkzy8Ek3Lz7FVQSZybCd97ynm5feZa65RBgBRjQP5qEWy

The two transaction information is as follows.
The first 5 AEs were successfully migrated:
The second thousand AEs were not successfully migrated:

I created the ae wallet address via base. Then perform a token migration through the metamask.

Please ask the official team to help me find AE

I am not an expert in token migration but for address

I see 1022 tokens in genesis block that would correlate with your two transfers 5 and 1017 tokens.



Hi @touzi

The migration combines all transactions for the same AE address and accumulates the migrated amounts.

The total amount of migrated tokens is 1,022.52254 AE.
This is exactly the amount that have been migrated in the genesis block for this account. You can see it here.

You can check your balance using an exposed HTTP endpoint and a running server. For example

$ curl https://sdk-mainnet.aepps.com/v2/accounts/ak_8ZEiMkzy8Ek3Lz7FVQSZybCd97ynm5feZa65RBgBRjQP5qEWy

So your migrated tokens are right there for you to use.

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