[Solved] How come AE local network and AE test net has same set of key pairs

Today I spin up a local network using docker. I noticed that few wallets got created and funded.

Just for sake of fun, I picked up one of these account and searched in in the test net web portal. Surprisingly, I get records over there. The reason I was surprised because, the key generation algorithm should not create similar accounts but how come it generated same account in testnet as well as private net? Am I missing anything here? Could the network id be the cause?


its just keys that have been reused by the developers, the ones in local network are hardcoded with aeproject

Oh so they are not being generated while spinning up the network? cool got it. then there is no confusion.

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I propose to have different address encoding for mainnet vs testnet and future childnets, to make it more fail proof. bitcoin had the understanding of multiple blockchains from the very beginning, quite cool.