[Solved] I cannot recover airGap vault wallet with Mnemonic words

The version I installed on my adroid phone is airgap-vault-14555.apk
I created a new account, and write down 24 words, check these words and they are OK. Then I get the receiving address and send AE to it.
I removed that account from airGap vault, try recovering it with the saved mnemonic words. I input them one by one, seperated with a space. But after I input all 24 words, and click the button, it told me to check again. What’s wrong with it ? Vault follow the rule of BIP39, how to produce the last check word by previous words ?

Well, I’ve recover it, because one word is wrong, with an extra letter in it.
I download a list of english words for BIP39, and check my mnemonic seeds one by one, and find that one word is not in the list, then I find a similar one in the list, that’s the correct one.
But if all words are correct but not in right order, then I think I need a checksum generator for BIP39, thus I can write a simple program to try all the sequence.

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