[Solved] I registered a name: taiwan.chain, but it doesn't show up in Base aepp, don't know why?

I registered a name: taiwan.chain, but it doesn’t show up in Base aepp, don’t know why?
Base aepp
Version 0.23.0
Node version 5.2.0
compiler version 4.1.0
Compiler URL https://compiler.aepps.com
SDK version 6.1.3
Middleware URL https://mainnet.aeternal.io
Middleware version 0.13.0

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A 5- to 8-digit name requires 14,880 blocks to be publicized (about 31 days). Within 31 days, this name belongs to you only if no one has raised the price. Now, the baes aepp name shows that there is a problem, which may be related to the middleware data capture. We also hope that the base aepp development team can solve this problem as soon as possible. You can find information about AENS name auctions at https://aeknow.org/aens. Current block display: taiwan.chain, in auction, block confirmation 3030+