[Solved] Ledger Nano X can not connect

Hello. Is Ledger Nano X supported? It is not detected after installing AE ledger app. I try this base aepp but it does not work https://base.aepps.com

It says Sending request to the Ledger and then Ledger is not connected or the request was not confirmed. I have clicked on the AE app on the Ledget Nano X before.

Thank you

It is usually just a timeout - or the cable. Did you try different browsers and or cables? I’ve just tried it on my laptop and it works.

Edit: works for me

Here is OP, the problem was bad cable. The original cable works with Ledger Live desktop application but it does not work with web browser for some reason. After changing the cable https://base.aepps.com works.

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I have had cable issues with Ledger myself. I have also had issues with the devices themselves. I had a faulty device that did everything apart from being able to sign a transaction. Drove me crazy.