[Solved] Lost tx in airgap?

Hi guys, I have a pending transaction since more than 15 hours… is there a way it will still go through or is it lost? aeternal says “transaction not found”, it was sent through airgap with standard minimal fees: https://mainnet.aeternal.io/transactions/th_2ncuxJPBtMr6MQEdKgTcCB1izVqqwG7JEvswwXDhtZSLSovkii/

After a quick troubleshoot with @marc0olo the problem seemed to be related to the nonce, as this tx was sent quickly after another tx. (each tx has a TTL in blocks. so when this TTL expires the tx will be dropped.) I tried sending another tx, but the pending tx still didn’t revert. It might also be a bug in airgap @andreas

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hello @erik93, the transaction nonce is a somewhat delicate matter,
can you add more details about the context where you created the transactions?

did you write a program that creates the transaction and send broadcast the network?
did you create them offline or online?
how where they broadcasted (via arigap or by your program)?

The “pending transactions” are saved locally in order to show the user that his transaction is actually submitted and not confused because it just doesn’t show up anywhere. Usually the transaction is removed from the “pending transactions” list as soon as the transaction is included in the blockchain. But in this case it dropped out of the mempool because of the nonce conflict. This means that to our app, the tx was never mined so it was considered to be pending. Transactions like that will be removed from the UI after 24 hours.

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@andreas Thank you! Indeed the tx disappeared from the pending transaction list in airgap today. But I guess the AE are lost because of the nonce issue?

@noandrea I didn’t use any new program, just AirGap. I did the tx with a more or less stable internet connection, might that be part of the problem?

the AE cannot be lost. normally they should still be in your account. can you verify this using the middleware or aeknow?

Okay it is resolved now thanks to @andreas , the AE is still there :pray:

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