[SOLVED] Migration process


I have a problem with the U2F message. I use a Chrome browser, but I can not unlock my wallet at www.myetherwallet.com. I do exactly the same steps as the clip that is for tokens migration, but I go to unlocking the wallet. I apply picture as proof.

Below I’m sending you a transaction proving the availability of my AE tokens in Ledger Wallet. Please report their availability and give me instructions on how to transfer them to your new blockchain / migration /.

2019-01-04 13:21:42

Address: [0x9A58fF0b4aF7DF763F51943AF8a96feC4697df68]
Txid: [0x2939c412600970834d0cbdad2fbeb13fffce2e8f8e864268e41d682e44e8889f]

Is it likely to lose them for some reason?

Best regards
J. Shuhutev


Hey @Joro J. Shuhutev,

So, we can not specifically debug this issue, as it has to do with:

  1. Ledger Wallet
  2. MyEtherWallet
  3. U2F protocol on your browser.

I would suggest to try with a different chrome version or different browser that supports U2F.

For the U2F protocol to work, you need to have:

  1. HTTPS connection
  2. Your Ledger wallet connected to your computer.

Which I assume you’ve already done.


Is it likely to lose them for some reason?

No, as long as you didn’t send them anywhere which you do not have access too, then everything is fine. (When I say access, I mean You have generated the aeternity address [which starts with ak_] and you have the phrases / private key stored somewhere safely)

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