[Solved]MinerOS how to get it run?


hey guys. i created a new account at mineros. then i downloaded the mineros softare and flashed a usb stick. i have booted my rig with that stick and the mineros booted. now i have this screen:

can you tell me what to do?

i logged into my online account but i can’t see my mining rig.


I am almost done my guide that will answer this question as well as teach everyone how to do it properly on the 3 chinese pools with MinerOS. Should be out in a day or two.


wow great! please let me know aso soon as you have finished your guide


you can check the mining table now there have come up two english miners:hspminer and bminer, for your reference. I am sure it can help you to start mining aeternity.
I will mark your post with solved, so people can quickly know the status of this post.
If you have any further concern, you can let us know.