[SOLVED] Oracle related Tx can not be packed efficiently?

I’ve made some Oracle related Tx these days, but it seems that the Oracle related Tx can not be packed efficiently?

Especially the OracleResponseTx seems to be stalled in the Tx pool: https://www.aeknow.org/network/mempool

Anything wrong with my OracleResponseTx?

The operating account is ak_24jcHLTZQfsou7NvomRJ1hKEnjyNqbYSq2Az7DmyrAyUHPq8uR:

It is a bit hard to trace exactly what is going on, but could the problem be that the response_ttl in the responses does not match the response_ttl in the Query?

The response_ttl in the actual response has to be identical to the response TTL set in the query, it could have been left out of OracleResponseTx, but we decided to have it there to make the transaction readable on its own (without having to look up the corresponding query to know the response TTL).

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Thank you ~ I’ll try later!

It seems working fine now~thank you!

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