[Solved] Problems setting up a node on OSX Mojave


Hi AEs,

I hope this is the right category. I tried to get a node running on my macbook OS Mojave.
But ran into a problem starting the node. I don’t know how to increase the number of open files. Maybe somebody has experienced the same problem and has a suggestion for me? Thanks a lot.
Below the commands and responses:

moritzs-MBP:node moritzstellmacher$ bin/epoch start

WARNING: ulimit -n is 256; 24576 is the recommended minimum.

You are recommended to ensure the node is stopped and raise the maximum number of open files (try 'ulimit -n 24576') before starting the node.

moritzs-MBP:node moritzstellmacher$ bin/epoch stop

moritzs-MBP:node moritzstellmacher$ ulimit -n 24576

-bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument


Hi. On macOS you must use launchctl like described here.