[Solved] Problems with AE js SDK Invalid hex string

We have an error here:
static/js/1.chunk.js:51845 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Invalid hex string
at hexWrite (static/js/1.chunk.js:51845)
at Uint8Array.write (static/js/1.chunk.js:51918)
at fromString (static/js/1.chunk.js:51238)
at from (static/js/1.chunk.js:51132)
at Function.push…/node_modules/buffer/index.js.Buffer.from (static/js/1.chunk.js:51148)
at encodeEventAddress (static/js/1.chunk.js:21118)
at formatNewContractEventData (static/js/1.chunk.js:21083)
at Object.exports.default (static/js/1.chunk.js:20995)
at static/js/1.chunk.js:20871
at Array.map ()
at static/js/1.chunk.js:20870

Maybe it is coming from here
function hexWrite(buf, string, offset, length) {
offset = Number(offset) || 0;
var remaining = buf.length - offset;

if (!length) {
length = remaining;
} else {
length = Number(length);

if (length > remaining) {
  length = remaining;

} // must be an even number of digits

var strLen = string.length;
if (strLen % 2 !== 0) throw new TypeError(‘Invalid hex string’);

Any Ideas?

Hey @tima_t,
I am not fully understand how it’s related to JS SDK?

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It was problem with parsing of the AE address.

Our fault this time.

We can close this topic/issue - everything is working fine by your side.