[Solved] Questions building a State Channel App with the JS SDK


i’m trying to build a simple aepp. I followed the step-by-step guide here https://dev.aepps.com/tutorials/account-creation-in-ae-cli.html to first create an aeternity key-pair and run into this error message:

async function promptPasswordAsync ()

SyntaxError: Unexpected token function

What are my next moves?


The nodejs version is too low?

How about upgrade nodejs to the latest version to support async?


I was running nodejs v6.16.0

Thank you @Liu ! Now it seems to work.

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Is someone around who can help me with running a node on an amazon aws ec2? I think i finally managed to raise ulimit but i think i can not start the node in a way that it is reachable from public (i’ve tried ./bin/aeternity start and then i tried to query the top with the ip of my server but that times out so i guess its not running curl ) - do i have to open the 3013 port somewhere on Amazon to make it possible to query it?

Start the node with ./bin/aeternity console, which could show running status and problems in the node.

Ubuntu 18.04 seems to be the most convenient OS for node.

Yes it is important to use Ubuntu for now. I have had the problem with Amazon Linux which is horrible. I will post my progress report some time next week here and hopefully also share a short blog article.

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The full node can be run in Windows now, it’s much easier for many users and developers.

Maybe there is still some hidden issues in Windows, as I mentioned just now:

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I’ve managed to run a node now using AWS. But thanks!

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