[Solved] Transaction record can not be found when transaction with name ID

Last night I send 0.1 ae to liu.chain which was ponited to ak_2g2yq6RniwW1cjKRu4HdVVQXa5GQZkBaXiaVogQXnRxUKpmhS. However, the token was send to name ID, and we can not find trasaction record with account address. Please ae team pay attetion to this problem!


Please pay attention to this problem, this phenomeno happened for several times [email protected] emin.chain

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What phenomenon exactly? There is exactly one problem here, and it is a UX problem unfortunately. It was previously discussed here. It is unfortunate that the result can’t be inspected in a good way, but I think this is being worked on.

For the sake of completeness, let me briefly explain the problem. The tools out there are not fully finished, they fail to make the connection between the name (nm_....) and the address that the name points to (ak_2g2...). But I can assure you that no tokens were lost in any black holes. The transaction is here it was in generation 220327, so let’s just check the balance of that recipient account before and after that generation:

([email protected])153> H = 220327,
([email protected])153> Addr = <<"ak_2g2yq6RniwW1cjKRu4HdVVQXa5GQZkBaXiaVogQXnRxUKpmhS">>,
([email protected])153> {ok, PK} = aeser_api_encoder:safe_decode(account_pubkey, Addr),
([email protected])153> B1 = aec_accounts:balance(element(2, aec_chain:get_account_at_height(PK, H))),
([email protected])153> B2 = aec_accounts:balance(element(2, aec_chain:get_account_at_height(PK, H+1))),
([email protected])153> (B2 - B1) / 1000000000000000000.

So, no there were no tokens going into any black holes, but rather exactly where they should go :slight_smile:

Just to stress on that that this is a simply data represenation UX flaw. The blockchain is working as designed, no coins are ever lost. The tools are indeed misleading.

Thanks,we transaction again with aens, reciever recived the token. He shoud have recived the token last night, this misunderstanding happended for he can not find transaction record with his account address and the did not remember how many tokens he has accurately . Thank you again for yor reply.

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Thanks,we transaction again with aens, reciever recived the token.

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I certainly understand the confusion, as you say the problem is that the transaction isn’t visible on the incoming side in the tools!