SOLVED: Transcation too Long

Hi all,

I maade a transcation but it’s too long

can you help me please ? ( Wallet Trust Walet )

This transaction already has over 1000 block confirmations :slight_smile:

If the issue is with depositing AE to a centralized exchange like, you probably need to contact their customer support to authorize the transaction (100 block confirmations should be enough there to authorize the incoming transaction, it’s different for other exchanges like CoinW or MEXC).

this transaction was made from TrustWallet to BaseAep and is still pending…

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1400 blocks have been confirmed. The transaction on the chain is successful. You may need to contact trustwallet


Ok Ticket is send

Thank you so much for reaching out to our support team.

We have checked the transaction, showing that the network has already confirmed it.

The app has already done its task of sending your crypto.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as this is already permanently recorded on the blockchain. You need to contact the receiving wallet/exchange support team and ask them for assistance.

We hope the information provided was helpful for you; we invite you to visit our Help Center and FAQs for more details about how to use Trust Wallet.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Trust Wallet

So now your receiving address must have received this transaction, so it is the problem of baseaepp. You can try to log in to other wallets that support ae to check, and go to the official website of ae to check the available wallets,

Better choose superhero and box

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thx for help

but juste 1 nonce on this transaction

and my wallet is ampty

my adresse is a Tesnet adress !?


This address has 716.57396737015 ae, so you can try other wallets to log in to this address’s mnemonic phrase

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just 22 ae …

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Thx for help Bro

I transfer 716ae from my Trustwallet to my Base aepps wallet

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When I connect to mainnet I can see the 716ae !!!

thx for help


I’m glad it finally worked out for you :blush:

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Thx for help Bro <3

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