[Solved] Waellet bug:When I click on Advanced, the waellet displays an error

Waellet bug:
When I click on Advanced, the waellet displays an error.
Like this:


Thank you for reporting this. You can track the issue’s status here: https://github.com/waellet/waellet/issues/290

Ok, let me see.

Hey @milenradkov.chain

Please confirm when this issue is resolved.

Thank you,

Hello @albena.chain and @Albert,

This was resolved here: https://github.com/waellet/waellet/pull/291

Will be included in the next release of waellet.



Ok, thank you very much.

@milenradkov.chain Waellt encountered some problems and was unable to successfully transfer money. what happened? Initiate a transaction and only deduct the transaction fee, but the token sent will not be deducted.

Can you give more info on how we can reproduce this bug, and also tx hash for us to inspect?

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@milenradkov.chain I made several attempts and found that waellet was unable to send a transfer of more than 1000ae.

Hey @Albert Please send some screenshots and more details - what browser and which version of the Waellet extension are you using?

Please update to 0.5.1. This is resolved there.


@milenradkov.chain That’s great, I will update it in time.