Some questions about AENS


AENS is really interesting! I have few questions, hope dev team can answer:

  1. If I win in aution of an AE name, and after 100 days. How much do I need to pay to extend time?

For example: $10 or 10 AE ? It depends on length of name or how much I won for this name?

  1. In AE name, is there any different between Capitalization and lowercase?

For example: Shanghai.chain vs. shanghai.chain

  1. Will you build a marketplace for users to buy and sell AE names in future?

Thank you!

I also have a question. How do I send to a name from the base app? Do I need to start with ak_? The app says invalid address with or without the ak_ on Android version 0.16

  1. just a simple transaction (only gas)
  2. no
  3. if you don’t extend a name, it goes back and gets auctioned again with the same mechanism as we have right now (its explained here I’m sure someone will build a marketplace for names that got registered already. This person or company must be an escrow between buyers and sellers. Why don’t you start such a startup :wink:
  4. base aepp will be updated soon. It doesn’t work yet (next release is coming in a couple of days). You can send tokens directly to eminogrande.chain (just an example)

Thank you for the fast reply! :slight_smile: