Some questions about base aepp

I often use base aepp to manage my aens and ae tokens. For new users, base aepp is a very suitable application for understanding aeternity.

However, there are some problems with base aepp. I cannot use base to manage my aens, and the aens panel that is being auctioned cannot be displayed.

This problem has existed for some time, and it affects the experience of using aens very much. Why is no one paying attention to it?

In addition, when can base aepp update the SDK, it still does not support aens to extend the validity period to 365 days.

the base aepp didn’t get much attention over the last year and its future currently isn’t clear. I think we heard multiple times in the forum that there is no active development going on. my guess is that its functionality will be shrinked down to a minimum (e.g. support only SpendTx within the aepp).

so a few comments from my side about this:

  • base aepp it is currently still relying on the deprecated and inconsistent old middleware (this is the main reason why AENS related actions like auctions aren’t usable)
  • everybody COULD theoretically build a webinterface that establishes a connection with the base aepp using AEX-2 (see Redirecting)
    • this is what @icarus developed in the past for and what worked really well. since we made a relaunch of aenalytics this feature isn’t included anymore. but if there is demand from the community we can try to integrate that as soon as possible again
  • as far as I know you can use the Superhero Wallet to manage your names and auctions very well
    • unfortunately it is currently limited in the sense that it doesn’t allow subaccounts and doesn’t support ledger (yet). I think that is sth. being worked on right now.

I wouldn’t expect bigger updates to the base aepp in the near future. probably the only thing that will be done is updating the SDK. I see that it’s showing 8.1.0 right now and this also explains why extending names is still using the old value. @Baixin.chain provided a fix for that fix iris aens NAME_TTL 180000 · aeternity/[email protected] · GitHub which is now included in the latest release.

if it is possible with the base aepp (not sure right now) you could also set the value manually to 180000 in order to extend for 365 days

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Box AEPP currently supports the validity of AENS up to 365 days, and also supports AEX2 (AEPP is too less, I did not open it). Why does Box AEPP not display the domain name problem, because Box AEPP uses the data of to display it