Some suggestions for the AE team

1,Currently, there is a lack of well-organized technical parameter files, such as how many bytes can the payload carry?

2,Lack of a system of aepp development tutorial.For example, starting from 0, I should first set up a full node, what should I do next.
For traditional developers, they are hard to get started and don’t understand what I should do.
(The current documentation is a bit like, it’s very good to have highways all over the country.But there is no entrance, you can only look at it, you can’t find the entrance.)

3,Should write a tutorial that starts with Ubuntu after installation and what to do step by step.Like graffiti?What is needed now is not how to create smart contracts, how to use state channels, They have been stuck before doing this.

I have found 3 developers on the traditional Internet where they can develop most of the applications you can think of.In addition to building nodes, but they still do not understand, what should be done? How to do it?They are wasting a week in figuring out the principle of operation, still do not understand.


Hey @LiuShao,

Thank you for your suggestions. We are constantly trying to improve our documentation - @pegah and @erik93 can contribute here.


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Hello @LiuShao,

first of all thank you so much for your precious feedback! Any kind of constructive feedback is highly appreciated! We’ve started to discuss and work on a better journey and general on-boarding of developers who want to get started on aeternity. After the upcoming Universe One Conference we’ll start to work on improving it! So stay tuned and I’ll keep the community updated with dedicated forum posts:)



Hi @LiuShao, first of all THANK YOU. We need more feedback like this. And before i start to answer you, the aeternity crypto foundation is always looking for people all over the world that want to tackle issues and make aeternity better. Please apply for a grant (or tell your community to do so) if you have specific things in mind that should be supported. The application form can be found at


  1. I agree, there are still lacks within the documentation. I can suggest to use the search function on in most of the cases it knows “something” :slight_smile:

    If you don’t find an answer to your question please make a forum post like you did and also open an issue on GitHub, here for example:

  2. Based on the state you are in, you don’t necessarily have to setup a node. As a beginner you can use hosted services provided by community members, here is a work in progress document to get developers started. Input is very welcome. I can also suggest to go to and do the Aeternity Blockchain 101 course, it helped me to get started!

  3. Yes, we need more tutorials and we will pay bounties for people who produce them. There will be a good documentation for the Governance aepp. There is also a state channel aepp in development which will have a good documentation and educational material. We need more of this!

Last but not least, i would like to invite you and your developer friends to - please sign up and i will approve it. It is a place for developers to chat on a daily base and help to get started quicker.



Re 1. You are limited by max gas per microblock. Leader can issue max 1 block per 3 seconds, each of those is available to carry 6M gas. Byte costs 20 gas. So, max theoretical microblock would weight 300kB. Take away headers, the transaction itself (size and price - 15k gas), signatures etc. and the rest is available for payload in spend tx body.

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thanks for your kind information it helps me to improve my documentation thanks again

thanks and regards
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