Sophia Language Visual Studio Code Extension

Hey guys,

I’ve created a vscode syntax highlighter for Sophia Lang, for easier development.

You can get it from the vscode-extensions marketplace or build it manually from source here in the GitHub repo.

You can check the future development roadmap in hack’s blog and give your opinions, ideas or consider contributing to the project :slight_smile:


Hey @r0b0t0,

Thank you for all your support and work, we appreciate it :slight_smile:
I hope the other developers here will help as well.


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Absolutely great! Thanks for the contribution!

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What’s the difference of this syntax highlighter from others? can’t get the idea

Which others? There are no other Sophia syntax highlighters.

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Does that work for VSCode or Atom? O_O

It works for VS Code only for now.


A new update was shipped few days ago.


Good job @r0b0t0, this will go a long way helping young Sophia developers like us.


I’ve just released v1.0.5.

The extension now supports new compiler syntax.

Sophia VSCode

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Are there extensions for other editors too? Can you list them in your initial post maybe?

I’ve submitted a PR to Micorsoft’s open-source Monaco editor few weeks ago and it was accepted and merged few days after, so I suppose the Monaco editor will support Sophia as of next release as well.

There is also the intelij extension by the devsuite team.

P.S. Will update the initial post with all links.

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Very useful, thank you! Will there be a formatter anytime soon? :innocent: