Sophia Some examples of basic types of operations

Hello, everyone
I was looking through Sophia’s files, and I found this

But this only works for basic calls, and I’m not sure how to use it, such as some of the methods of List. You know,Sophia is a little hard to learn. It’s not like the mainstream languages like C,JAVA, etc. Can the authorities arrange some developers to write some demos so that we can learn better and understand better? In other words, more detailed information is easy to learn. Do you have any plans for that?


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Hi @Baixin you can check on this updated tutorial to see Sophia use:

We are in process of adding more updated documentation about oracles and getting started with Sophia.

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Thank you. I just give an example of LIST. You replied that it is of some help, but compared with other learning materials such as Java and JS, it is still much worse
Java, for example, from the beginning of the design patterns, basic types, functions, etc., from 0 to 1 of the tutorial, I think is perfect, can help developers quickly mastered Sophia, can also reduce all kinds of questions to ask on the BBS, rapid development of fast, often a small problem, now will card master for several days.

Basic functional programming with lists isn’t in any way specific to Sophia. Have a look at ML, Erlang, Haskell or your favorite functional programming language.

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However, according to the ranking of development languages, C, Java and other languages are more popular and will be more. Functional languages need to be learned first