Source Code required while connecting to deployed smart contracts?

Hello Ae Team,

As I am developing my front-end using react to communicate with my smart contracts deployed over testnet, I am always required to give the source code as part of the configuration. Is it not possible to give a compiled version of my smart contracts?
I couldn’t find any other blog post or videos explaining how to do this end-to-end.

Any reference to developing front-end for aeternity blockchain would be appreciated.


is this related to you other thread? How to connect to Local aeternity instance for testing smart contract from React/Angular Frontend?

anyway, if your contract is already deployed you can also initialize the contract instance via aci and the contractAddress (ct_…) like described here:

dealing with aci only is currently not 100% convenient and we will definitely improve our onboarding journey to provide you with good examples in that regards.

already had a conversation with somebody else on Discord this morning. here a snippet that shows you how to obtain the aci using SDK and how to (re-)use it by initializing a new contract instance by just aci and contractAddress:

// initialize the contract instance
contract = await aeSdk.getContractInstance({ source, fileSystem });

// deploy the contract with instance initialized via sourceCode
await contract.deploy([,

let aci = JSON.stringify(contract._aci); // obtain and save the ACI
let contractAddress = contract.deployInfo.address; // obtain and save the contract address

let aciContraceInstance = await aeSdk.getContractInstance({aci: JSON.parse(aci), contractAddress}); // initialize the contract instance with ACI and contract address only
console.log((await aciContraceInstance.methods.meta_info()).decodedResult); // any entrypoint call you'd like which is covered by the ACI :)