Speed up! Come on!

We need to speed up the code update!
The world needs blockchain and Aeternity!
We are about to usher in turbulent times.
We don’t want to see more people being hurt in a turbulent world.
The world needs aeternity to maintain the order of the new world.
We haven’t forgotten our original intention!
It’s time to show real strength!
Come on, you’re great! I have confidence in you.
Bless everyone healthy!


fully agree with you! times going to be more exiting soon!

register for the superhero.com waiting list, if you haven’t.
get your .chain name ready meanwhile, if you haven’t.
and stay tuned!


What is superhero? What functions can it achieve?

Hey @Aeternity0,

Learn more about SuperHero below and sign up for the waiting list:

I have a worry that mining is too concentrated now.

Now there is no node tool that can run in windows, a mining software that can get good profits without mining pool

Aeternity needs 24 * 7 online distributed nodes. Having more nodes means better decentralization and network security, so that users can find nodes to broadcast transactions at any time.

We can also reward people who run all nodes. Their computers may not meet the mining conditions, but they contribute to decentralization.


Hey @Aeternity0,

The team is working on these issues.

Did you hear that a new mining pool just added AE:

Have you seen the superhero league?

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