Spread your mining power among the existing AE mining pools

Hey all,
We are working on enabling Stratum support in the æternity node, including a mechanism to distribute mining rewards. This will enable anyone to become a node.


Well since asia is already covered nicely by the current pools, we were going to have a node here in the US and another in Europe so that anyone mining through our pool can have a solid fast connection that is close to them.


This is a awesome development. Keep it up

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We are still waiting. What is your progress?

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For whatever reason hash is spreading… f2pool is now first in line lol. It has been a couple of weeks that i dont mine AE because diff is W A Y too high but my god it is now so successful. I am glad for everyone here :blush:


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Any opensource pool on the way? Any non-Chinese pool is up and running?

2Miners pool looks like it’s European. Try it, you’ll like it.

What’s an open source pool???

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The pool’s software that everyone can run and serve as a public pool. Like p2pool, NOMP etc.

You mean where all they know about the miner is their wallet address with no registration required???
2Miners is the best. Have you tried it yet???

I agree with you . Open souce pool is very necessary.It can make aeternity more decentralized