Spread your mining power among the existing AE mining pools


Hey everyone,

Our dev team wants to remind you to spread your mining power among the existing AE mining pools. Help us make the network healthier!

Have a look at this mining pools chart which we are constantly updating.

More pools are coming, as well as stratum support in the node!

Best regards,


For this to be done we need more pools where we can use standalone miner. Personally I will not use MinerOS to spread the hashrate. I’m too lazy for this. It’s up to devs since 51% attack is more their problem than my.


The hash rate of beepool is over 51%. For the safety of network, it must be reduced as soon as possible. More pools are necessary.


Me and another are working on putting up a pool that will be much better and not require MinerOS to be able to mine. We should have it up fairly quick, although this will require Stratum to be done so it shouldnt be much longer


God bless you for your contribution…


Thanks, it’s really for a few reasons besides spreading out the hashrate. I’m personally not overly comfortable with the only pools available to mine being in another language, requiring specific hardware like MinerOS and the pool’s own miners. Just a lot out of the hands of the people and closed off, no way to tell if there’s hidden fees, etc etc


Get this done and I am all in. I agree completely with your “issues”. Hope stratum is a priority to “aid in the health of the network”.

Good job!!!


As soon as you have your pool ready, I’ll switch.


The mining pools chart has been updated that we have added the new aeternity miner[Hspminer] which provides the English version. Hope it can help the aeternity community.

Still, we will continue updating the current aeternity mining status, thank you!


Cam we mine on any pool using this new miner?


Technically, you can use all the miners to mine aeternity on any pool, just use the setting of the pools which is also in the table.
I checked the hspminer documents, it has included all the three current pools, for your reference.


Problem is we cannot mine into a pool without a wallet and our own AE receiving address. I’m not willing to use a cell phone as a wallet so when a desktop wallet is available I’ll mine.


Desktop Ledger wallet is available


Thanks, but I don’t own a Ledger.


Why don’t you mine directly to the exchange like Hotbit?


Any news here? )) We are waiting…


I was at first then the pools moved in. I went from being 1 in 300 miners to 1 in 13,000 miners and my chance of finding a block went from maybe to one divided by infinity.


I wish NLPool would add AE, but, since I know of no exchange to convert AE into LTC or BTC I doubt they can. When there is an exchange available they’re my favorite pool. NLPool home page


Hey Rabinovitch

Yup, we still working on getting everything up and running. It shouldn’t be too much longer. =)


Would be nice to have a other pool, where will it be situated?