State channels in JavaScript/TypeScript stack technology

I have started to write article on Aeternity on my page ( and within the article I want to describe state channels on JS stack, build some simple step by step application, I have had some links but now they does not work.

Do you have any working tutorial on that?


Hey @pantarhei

@KrumTheFearsome.chain and @nduchak.chain should be able to help here.

I am implementing the Erlang logic in the FSM itself. The JS SDK uses that FSM for it does all the heavy lifting for it. Having said that, I am up to date with the Elixir service progress but I don’t follow the JS one. I would expect either @nduchak.chain or @mpowaga to answer this.

There used to be a tutorial example app built with the help of @nikitafuchs.chain but I am not sure if someone keeps this up to date. Also pinging @milenradkov.chain and @philipp.chain if they know anything more.

Regarding tutorials and examples, I don’t know who is responsible for them, cc @yani.chain

Hey @nduchak.chain and @mpowaga Can you assist here, please?