State channels: (potential) use cases


I‘d like to start this thread to collect potential use cases for state channels.

I am opening this thread because I just discovered this tweet on Twitter:

For aeternity we have lately seen the coin toss demo from the dev team and the pay per api-call demo from hypermine.

Is there still being worked on these use cases?

What’s your opinion about the demos mentioned above?

What other use cases do you have in mind that could be implemented using state channels?


very interesting! at least it looks like there is finally something useful with statechannels (on testnet).

would be cool to have something similar for superhero. superhero is not not storing any content and needs a P2P content network (torrents are great). @nikitafuchs.chain @dimitar.chain

@marco.chain to answer your question: all sorts of DeFi would be great. like a decentralized bitmex (perpetual betting exchange). Anybody who wants to take the challenge to build it? we might have some funding for this.


Thanks for summoning me @YaniUnchained, that’s super interesting and exactly the “video streaming case…” clearing my throat twice I had in mind. The only missing piece is a stable currency we can use with state channels for this! Still dreaming of this use case quite often.



Yes Vishwas will give a demo soon(4 weeks aprox)

But he had to let go of HSM connections :smiley:, And add some RPC in the node


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