Still have AE (Eth Tokens) Best way to migrate or sell?


I still Still have AE (Eth Tokens) Best way to migrate or sell,
was wondering what is the best way to get mainnet tokens?
I deposited AE (Eth token to Eth address on BINANCE, they said they would swap, but deposit never showed up.

I some more AE eth tokens, I would like to swap for Mainnet tokens or sell, what’s best way at this point in time?

thank you


I think Binance might not have completed the process of AE token migration yet. We get reports from people whose AE account balances are still showing 0. Let’s wait for an official announcement from Binance.

Apart from that, migrating your tokens is done by following the migration process. If you migrate now, your tokens will become available after the next scheduled hardfork of the aeternity network - expected in September, 2019.

Let me know, if you have any other questions.