Story about the first claim ever on ÆNS after Lima hardfork

I hope you enjoy reading it:


Hi! Is the account end with 7mmV belongs to you? kryptokrauts.chain

Haha, i already find 7mmV belongs to you on you website!

yes this is our kryptokrauts account. why do you need to know that? :smiley:

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I found the account end with 7mmV registed a lot of anes . I want to know why do addicted with
aens and what can we do with aens in the future. Is anes only can be used for transaction?

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I am the second~ nicetomeetyou.chain :grinning:


yes, many AENS were claimed for speculative reasons. at this moment we cannot say whether they will be worth sth or not. but we expect marketplaces to be built and will then be able to sell the domain if there is interest in buying it.

you currently you can set different pointers for AENS names that point to:

  • a regular account (ak_…)
  • a smart contract (ct_…)
  • an oracle (ok_…)
  • a channel (ch_…)
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why do not claim some short name (eg:names with 1 or 2 letters)?

the duration of auctions for short names is very high and for us it is currently not worth to “waste” energy in trying to claim them :smiley:

besides that -> the shorter the name to claim, to higher the name fee (can be very expensive)

cool stuff! soon you will receive a tip…

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We need signatures here in the forum so every user can always include their chain name at the bottom in order to receive tipps!


even cooler would be a direct integration with the base aepp or the waellet plugin :smiley:

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Someone from chinese aeternity community is interested with your ae names, including insurance.chain, mortgage.chain and lottery.chain. Are they available for trading? If they can be traded, how much ae token should the guy pay for them or each?

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I think currently we are „only“ owner of insurance.chain and lottery.chain

mortgage.chain is not owned by us.

currently ist isn‘t possible to trade them. as soon as the required Sophia functionality is implemented we will probably see a AENS marketplace showing up :wink:

honestly I cannot really estimate how much these names can and will be worth and therefore I would like to let the market decide on an upcoming marketplace.

if you want to chat and make offers you can write me a pm on telegram: @marc0olo

Ok, acctually it is not convenient to use telegram in China, however, I will try. And is the account end with 1xsc belongs to your group ?

The account ending with 1xsc does not belong to us.

If you want you can also write me a message here in the forum if that fits better as telegram. (Although I am currently not sure whether DM in the forum is active and allowed by default)

I do not know why I can not contact you with telegram. Can you contact me on telegram:@Redcan7

Could you add me to your contacts?